Boomers Amateur Basketball Club

Are you over 5 years old and under 19 years old ?           Come and join Mill Park Boomers Basketball Club and becoming a part of our family friendly & fun club.

Boomers Amateur Basketball Club


Boomers Basketball Club is a Non-Profit Organisation and strives to keep the fees to a minimum. 

The structure and costs that have to be covered is set up as follows:

  • Individual Team Registration and Insurance with WCBA each season
  • Hire of Courts for Training
  • Weekly Game Score Sheet Fees
  • General Operating Expenses of the Club


Season Fee include:

Registration Fee - $30

This covers the cost of registering each player every season to be paid at the commencement of each season. Discounts apply for siblings of families, $20 for the 2nd child, $10 for the 3rd child and subsequent children are free.

Summer Season Fees includes 17 games (July - December 2018) per Player - $180

There is a cost associated if your child wishes to play in a second team.

Winter Season Fees includes 15 games (January - June 2018) per Player - $150


The Season Fee is payable by each player for the season regardless of the number of games played or amount of training sessions attended.

Development Program Season Fees $50.00

Current Club Members and Team App

All Boomers Club members are required to join the Boomers Team App.  The team app is the main source of communication across the club.  It contains fixtures, training times, player stats, season schedule, policies/procedures, events/functions, ladder, photo gallery etc.  You will find link to instructions on how to join Team App by clicking here.



 To register and join the Boomers 

Season Fees

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Boomers Newsletter

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